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Tutorial - Raspberry Pi Pico Box Step-by-Step | Fusion 360

You will design a box for RPI2040 board + you will learn how to do it for any board.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:20Creating project folder
  • 02:01Importing RP2040 board 3D model
  • 04:24Starting new design
  • 05:47Creating top housing
  • 07:48Creating standoff
  • 16:47Top wall
  • 26:21Side walls
  • 28:45Opening for USB connector
  • 33:35Creating mounting brackets
  • 42:55Adding a hole for LED
  • 47:35Rounding edges
  • 49:59Adding RPI logo
  • 54:56Creating bottom housing
  • 58:09Exporting for 3D printing
  • 1:00:35Done. See the 3D printed box
  • 1:01:24About Jake