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Building a Digital Filter: How it works + Simulation + Example

Everything important you need to know to start designing your own digital filters.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:40Our example explained
  • 04:19How filters work
  • 07:48What is a digital filter
  • 10:46Basic elements of digital filters
  • 13:08How filters manipulate with signal
  • 15:00Feed-forward (FIR) filter
  • 19:39Feed-back (IIR) filter
  • 23:36Biquad - Second Order Section (SOS)
  • 28:49The hardware we used
  • 33:09DMA explained
  • 42:30Audio file before filtering
  • 44:16Calculating filter coefficients
  • 47:03Our filter frequency response
  • 48:59Audio file after filtering
  • 49:59Explained how our filter works
  • 54:52C code of our filter
  • 57:49Daniel's courses
  • 1:00:35Setup for simulation - Jupyter and anaconda
  • 1:05:14Simulation - Initialization
  • 1:10:38Simulation - Showing the spectrum
  • 1:13:04Simulation - The filter
  • 1:22:35Simulation - Filtering audio file
  • 1:25:47Simulation - C code of filter
  • 1:28:06Explaining the code in microcontroller
  • 1:34:33The filter in C code of microcontroller
  • 1:37:50How to do this by yourself