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How To Measure Low Impedance With An Affordable VNA And Using Free Tools

Explained how to measure impedance
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:05Why we would like to measure PDN
  • 10:471-Port vs 2-Port measurement
  • 13:32Setup and calibration
  • 20:19Measuring a resistor with VNA
  • 25:25Importing measurement to Qucs
  • 30:35Measurement vs Simulation
  • 34:31Impedance of different resistors
  • 41:06Impedance of a solder blob
  • 44:00The VNA we used - SDR VNA (SDR Kits)
  • 46:25Impedance measurement and simulation of a capacitor
  • 50:16Impedance of a capacitor with different VIA connections
  • 55:52Impedance of X2Y capacitor vs MLCC capacitor
  • 59:22Impedance of Electrolytic vs Tantalum vs MLCC capacitors
  • 1:04:03What to try after this video